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A big, busy school generates a lot of information. So much information that it can be hard to tell where it's coming from and what's important. While there are many places to get all kinds of information, there are a few key resources that everyone in the community should be aware of. A list of those resources with a brief description follows. Each of the listed resources can be accessed using the quicklinks on the left hand side of this page.

Teacher Web-Sites

Teacher web-sites contain all of the basic information for classrooms throughout the school. From curriculum information to the gym schedule, it's all there. Be sure to head to your teacher's web-site and stay abreast of what your children are learning and what's coming up!

Community Calendar

The community calendar is a tool that we use to share all events happening at Ben-Hem with the community. Events range from field trips to girl scout meetings. The rule of thumb is, "If it happens at Ben-Hem, it's on the community calendar." Be sure to check the calendar regularly.

Virtual Back-Pack

The Virtual Backpack (VB) contains any information concerning school and community events. Youth sports, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and many others will post registration and event information in the VB. The VB is updated weekly so checking in once a week is a good idea.

PTO Web-Site

The PTO web-site is your portal to active engagement in the Ben-Hem school community. There is a wealth of information there including volunteer opportunities, fundraising initiatives, and upcoming PTO meetings and events.








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