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Welcome to Bennett-Hemenway Elementary School!

School opens Wednesday, August 31, 2016. Opening day is a very busy time of year and with a little effort on everyone's part, we will have a smooth transition back to school. Arrival and drop off during the first few days are somewhat different from the remainder of the year and we want to make sure all are clear on how it works. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the first week, arrival will work as described below.


Arrival During the First Week of School


8:05     Drop off begins

  • Families are welcome to drop students off via the live drop-off or they may park and accompany students to the locations below.

  • All classroom teachers will be outside to meet and greet students and families.

  • Grade 1 teachers will meet students by the playground.

  • Grade 2 teachers will meet students by the playground.

  • Grade 3 teachers will meet students by the nurse's office.

  • Grade 4 teachers will meet students by the pre-school playground.

8:15     Teachers begin entering building

  • At 8:15 teachers will escort students into the building and school will begin. 


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