Selection Process

What happens after I complete my online application...

1. Online Application

Natick uses the Applitrack online application system. We discourage submission of paper application packets. Each hiring administrator has access to Applitrack, and once a position has been advertised, the administrator will begin to review all applications for that specific position. Please download as much information as possible as attachments to your application (i.e. letters of recommendation, copy of your MA educator's license, transcripts, resume, cover letter). I

Please note: It is very important that you clearly state your Massachusetts DESE license area and status in your cover letter and resume since appropriate licensure is a condition of employment in all Massachusetts public schools.

2. Invitation to Interview

The hiring administrator will contact candidates directly via email should they wish to schedule an interview.  When a position has been filled, it will be removed from the list of open positions on the website. Please do not call to follow up on an application, as we do not have the staff resources to reply to such inquiries, much as we'd like to be able to.  As long as you have completed an online application, rest assured that we have your information and will follow up with you when appropriate. (We can actually view your application even if it's not complete - but we'd rather give consideration to complete applications only.)

3. Interviews

The interview process will vary depending on the position you are applying for. Click on the appropriate link to see the specific process.

Special Education

High School

Middle School

Elementary School

4.  Interview with the Superintendent

One or two candidates for each position will be recommended to interview with the Superintendent, Dr. Peter Sanchioni. The interview will take place in his office in Town Hall and will last about 20 minutes. At the conclusion of this interview, he will confirm a job offer with the successful candidate.

5. Coming on board

All new professional hires will meet with the Director of Human Resources, Marianne Davis, usually immediately following the interview with the Superintendent.  At this meeting, salary will be determined (based on education and years of relevant experience), paperwork will be reviewed to make sure official transcripts and proof of MA licensure have been provided, then an official appointment letter will be issued. The HR Director will explain the onboarding process (including payroll paperwork and issuance of your laptop) and will answer questions.