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Amnesty International -- Amnesty International’s Website includes a “Learn About Human Rights” section in which you can choose to look for information by country or by topic. You can also check out their News section which includes “Reports,” “Good News,” and “Video and Audio” subsections.”

United Nations -- The United Nations Website includes not only the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs sections. Both of these sections include lists of “Thematic Issues,” and the Humanitarian Affairs section contains a list of different organizations within the UN that focus on certain issues or populations like the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Food Programme (WFP).

Human Rights Watch -- The Human Rights Watch Website is organized by region, though there are options at the bottom of the main page to search by topic instead. It also has a multimedia section featuring not only video and audio files but also audio slideshows, podcasts, and photo essays.

United States Department of State Human Rights Reports -- This page of the State Department’s website includes annual human rights reports from 1999 through 2009. Each report is organized by region and then within regions by country

Genocide Watch -- This Website has information both about what genocide is (how it’s defined, what different stages it has) and about countries in which genocide is occurring or may occur in the future. Their Updates section can be browsed by region or by issue.

Human Rights First  -- This Website includes press releases on various human rights issues and has special sections on Refugees, Hate Crimes, and Mass Atrocities


Youth For Human Rights: The purpose of Youth for Human Rights International is to teach youth about human rights, specifically the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and inspire them to become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace.

Clean Drinking Water:  National Geographic



Modern slavery: Learn about forms of slavery today, and what can be done to stop it.



Freedom from Hunger:  statistics on hunger across the globe and what can be done.



World Hunger:  Who are the hungry? What is hunger? What is malnutrition?


Bullying:  The numbers, causes and effects of Bullying by PBS



National Center for the Prevention of Bullying



I have a right to... helping to understand your basic human rights.  Case studies



Human Rights Issues



Links to other Human Rights Issues



United Nations Globl teahingand Learning website