Dear Natick Community Members,
On March 27, 2018, the town voted with a roughly 5 to 1 margin in favor of ballot question 1, which will support funding the construction of a new Kennedy Middle School using a debt override. I am writing, on behalf of students, staff, administrators, the school committee, and building committee members to thank you for this support of the project.
This affirmative display of support shows that town voters, like generations that supported similar projects in the past, are invested in education and the future of Natick students. 
With this support, we will be able to provide Natick with a new middle school with adequate and updated facilities to support all learners, alleviate the stress on Wilson Middle School enrollments, will bring parity to our middle schools, and place our faculty and students in a 21st-century facility to support learning and teaching. You, the community will gain a facility that supports community initiatives for learning, events and activities and athletics. Our school is your school.  
A special note of thanks must be given to the Your Town, Your Schools group, led by Leah Falzone, Katie Joyce, and Julie McDonough. This group worked tirelessly to explain our building needs, the design work, and the overall building and funding process to the community and to ensure a positive vote. Without their support and voice in the work, this initiative would not have been as successful.
Here at the Natick Public Schools, the public approval of the Kennedy Building Project is appreciated. We appreciate your trust in us and your partnership through the initial design process. The work is just beginning; however, we intend to stay connected through the construction process and share updates regularly on the Building Project Site.