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Natick Together for Youth (NTY)

Working together to keep our community healthy and safe.

**Please note ... This WEBSITE is no longer current. 

Visit our new website at Natick Together for Youth**

Who Is the Natick Together for Youth Coalition?

The Natick Together for Youth coalition is a group of concerned community representatives who meet monthly working to prevent, reduce and delay substance use among Natick youth. Under the direction of Erica Dinerman, Prevention Specialist, the group came together in September of 2010-a merging of two community groups, the Natick Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention (NASAP, formerly NADAC) and Natick Together, and have been focusing efforts on community health issues that include youth substance abuse. The merged group, Natick Together for Youth (NTY) established the membership and plan required to apply for the SAMHSA Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant. On August 31, 2011, the group was awarded a five year, DFC grant.


What Is The Drug Free Communities Grant?

The Drug Free Communities program is directed by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), in partnership with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  The DFC program provides grants of up to $625,000 over five years to community coalitions that facilitate youth and adult participation at the community level in local youth drug prevention efforts.  In Natick, the identified drugs of most abuse are alcohol and marijuana though there is growing concern about prescription drug abuse, including prescription drug diversion and prevention initiatives, as well as underage drinking prevention programs.

Coalitions that are awarded the grant are comprised of community leaders, parents, youth, teachers, religious and fraternal organizations, health care and business professionals, law enforcement, and the media. Data show that communities receiving DFC funding have seen significant reductions in past 30-day use of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana among middle and high school students.

Natick was one of the 87 new grantees selected nationally in 2011 from 452 applicants through a competitive, peer-reviewed process.  To qualify for these matching grants, all awardees must have at least a six-month history of working together on youth substance use reduction initiatives, have representation from 12 required sectors of the community, develop a long-term plan to reduce youth substance use, and participate in the National Evaluation of the DFC program.


Who is on the Natick Together for Youth Coalition?


Astrid Dretler-Parent

Deb Budd-Natick Human Services

Jon Marshall-Natick Recreation Department

Nick Mabardy-Selectman, Town of Natick

Michelle Cromwell-MultiCultural Village. Parent

Jane Biagi-Norfolk DA Office, Parent

Chief James Hicks, Natick Police Department

Moira Munns-Director, Council on Aging, Human Services

Elizabeth Heffler-School Resource Officer, Natick Police Department

Karen Rufo-Head of School Nurses, Parent

Victoria Guest, Reverend, First Congregational Church

Shelley Richmond Joseph-Attorney, Parent

Ian Wong-Natick Board of Health, Parent

Brian Peoples-President, Natick Federal Savings Bank

Chuck Young-Pharmacist, Parent

Deb Sayre-Director, Kids Connect

Rick Halloran-Natick Police Department

Jane Detwiler-Health Educator, Parent

Christine Guthery-Chair, Parents Against Bullying and Cyberbullying

Diane Packer-Natick Town Clerk, Parent

Peter Sanchioni-Superintendant, Natick Public Schools

Jeanette Potts-Natick Community Resident

Jennifer F. Wiech, MSW, LCS, MetroWest Behavioral Health

Maggie Moran, ACCESS After School Program, Natick Public Schools

Frank Lombardo, FDA

Margaret Boudreau, Assistant Principal, Natick High School

Sandy Pease-NTY Project Coordinator, Parent

**Erica Dinerman, Prevention Specialist, Natick Public Schools: NTY Coalition Director



Can anyone get involved with Natick Together for Youth?

The Natick Together for Youth Coalition welcomes all participants. To find out more about NTY, you can speak with someone on the Coalition, call or email Erica Dinerman.  NTY meetings are posted monthly on the Town of Natick meeting schedule. 


The 2012-13 meetings are scheduled for Tuesdays from 8:30-10am at Town Hall in the Selectman's Meeting Room on the following dates:  Sept 11*, Oct 9**, Nov 13, Dec 11, Jan 8, Feb 12, March 12, April 9, May 14, June 11.


*Meeting is at NHS in the library

**Invitation only retreat

For more information about the coalition or grant, contact:

Erica Dinerman, M.Ed
Director, Natick Together for Youth

ph. 508-647-6623