Student & Parent Chromebook/Laptop Agreement

This Agreement represents an outline of the Natick Public Schools Network Access and Responsible Use Policy. By signing this Agreement, students and parents/guardians agree to abide by the NPS Computer Use Policies & Procedures.

Student Responsibilities

  • I have received and agree to abide by the NPS Network Access and Responsible Use Policy and abide by all local, state, and federal laws.
  • I am submitting my consent for my son/daughter to access and use Google Apps Education Edition managed by the Natick Public Schools. The Natick Public Schools assumes the responsibility for complying with Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the information that students submit. COPPA is a regulation that requires parental consent for the online collection of information about users under 13.
  • I agree that my use of NPS technology is for educational purposes only.
  • I agree that use of NPS technology is a privilege. I am responsible for the proper care of my NPS issued laptop, as well as any other NPS technology equipment I use.
  • I agree to keep all accounts and/or passwords issued to me secure. I will not share this information with any other students. This includes passwords for email and/or network access.
  • I agree not to use any other student or teacher's password to access the network and other school systems.
  • I agree that I will never share personal information over the Internet. In addition, if I am asked for personal information or harassed in any way I agree to report it immediately to my parents, teacher and/or NPS staff member.
  • I agree that email (or any other computer communication) should be used only for appropriate, legitimate, and responsible communication.
  • I agree that I will not install, download and/or otherwise utilize any software that is not authorized by the NPS Technology Department. I understand many of these tasks can be performed by using Self Service.
  • I will not remove programs or files from my NPS issued laptop.
  • I understand that all files stored on my NPS issued laptop will not be private. NPS personnel can review laptops and/or files at any time.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to store and backup my files. This can be done with the external backup drive provided by NPS or any other external CD/DVD or external drive.
  • I will not attempt to repair my NPS issued laptop nor will I attempt to clean it with anything other than a soft cloth.
  • I will report any problems with my NPS issued laptop to the NPS Technology representative at my school.
  • I will treat my NPS issued laptop with care by not dropping it, leaving it outdoors and/or using it with food or drink nearby.
  • I will place my NPS issued laptop in its protective case when not in use and when it is being moved or carried. I will carry the NPS issued laptop case by its appropriate handle. I will not place the NPS issued laptop in any other case but the NPS issued case and I will not deface or mark the laptop bag itself.
  • I will return my NPS issued laptop and all of its accessories by the last day of school each year, upon my withdrawal from the Natick Public Schools or whenever requested by the NPS administration.

By paying your annual fee electronically acknowledges receipt of and agreement to abide by the terms of the Laptop Agreement as set above. Parents/guardians will assume any financial responsibility for damages not covered by warranty, as outlined in the Laptop Accidental Damage/Loss Policy (from the 1:1 Parent and Student Handbook) and/or in the Chromebook Accidental Damage/Loss Policy.

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