COVID Updates


Below are the latest updates regarding our actions in response to school closure due to COVID-19.

Links to public health resources (local and national) are provided (to the left if using a desktop computer to view this page; above if using a mobile device.)

We publish daily updates regarding COVID-19 to this page, so please check back often.

Most recent updates are listed below, with older updates listed towards the bottom of the page. 
NPS COVID Infection Data & Tracking Dashboard
The link (above) includes reader accessible access to the new weekly metric images provided in the tabs below.
The circles below are color-coded based on the MA Dept of Public Health system — the Town of Natick and school department do not have a separate color coding system as this would add too much complexity to understanding thresholds. We appreciate your attention to these metrics.
History of updates from March 2020 – April 2021