As you may have heard, on (11/15), the School Committee voted (5-1) in favor of the phased closure of the Johnson School to conclude at latest June of 2025. This decision has been filled with emotion from all parts of our community and has not been one taken lightly.
While discussions will happen with Johnson families and staff, I think it’s important to remember that our friends and neighbors will need support and compassion as we all navigate through this process.
An important part of change isn’t in moving to the new, but ensuring that we honor what has been and keeping its spirit alive within our community. Johnson School has been one that served the Natick community for generations, and the school means so much to so many of us. Anytime we lose something that is important to us, grief is expected. As we move through the upcoming transition process, this is our orientation to a smooth three-year transition for our community.
To begin the transition process (which will have many components over a three-year period including interviews with families, staff, students and town partners) we have met with any potentially affected staff to discuss options and expectations. Those meetings were completed prior to Thanksgiving.  
In the month of December, we will conduct personal family interviews in the following order:
  • Incoming K families who have siblings already at JES (9 families)
  • Incoming K families who have never attended JES (approximately 20 families)
  • The majority of these families have been contacted and scheduled, if they desired, this week.
Families currently with students in grades 1-4 are not required to meet to discuss transition at this time, but we will call or email on a rolling basis through the next few months and families can decide their timetable for decision-making prior to June 2025.
Please call 508-647-6500 extension 0 and ask for Rose McDermott who can schedule time with a member of our team or email Rose at
Please feel free to email questions to me directly at
Finally, a transition website has been created and will serve as the one-stop for all updates and information on the Johnson school transition will be posted on the Johnson Transition Support Page.