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Criteria for Weeding the Library Collection

Weeding is the process of reevaluating items in our collection and removing any that are inaccurate, out of date, misleading, inappropriate, unused in poor condition or otherwise harmful to students. It is an ongoing process done to maintain the best possible collection for our students. Here is the criteria used for evaluating our collection:

  1. Misleading - Factually inaccurate
  2. Physical Condition - Damaged beyond repair, moldy
  3. Duplication - duplicate copies of materials that were once popular but are no longer in demand
  4. Curricular integration - Keep materials that support the curriculum, and are relevant to today's teaching methods and content. Prune the rest.
  5. Appropriateness to the Collection - match the materials to the users
  6. Obsolete Formats - is the format usable anymore i.e. film strips, 5.25-inch floppy disks etc.


  • How often has it been used in the last 3 years?
  • Is it in poor physical condition?
  • Does it contain inaccurate, outdated material?
  • Is the tone condescending or biased?
  • Does it promote stereotypes (gender, age, race, ethnic background etc)?
  • Is the reading level appropriate for our students?
  • Is it relevant to the curriculum?
  • Is the format appropriate?
  • Is it useful to students and classroom teachers?
  • Is there another copy?
  • Is there a newer edition?
  • Is the information available in other formats?
  • Is the information/title available in other locations?
  • Is the information unique in any way?
  • Is it listed in any current core collections, indexes or recommended lists?
  • Is it of regional or local interest?
  • Is it an award winner or a classic?

Materials Selection Policy

Our Materials Selection Policy and Procedure for Re-evaluation of Library Materials are available in your child's library.

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