Middle School Student 1:1 Program 2024-25

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Chromebook Information 2024-2025 (Middle School):

 1:1 Parent and Student Handbook - Updated Spring 2023

Chromebook Warranty Information:

All Chromebooks are covered by Acer's warranty against manufacturer's defects for one year. The Natick School District's Chromebook Accidental Damage/Loss Policy is in place to cover most issues that may arise with the Chromebook.

Chromebook Accidental Damage/Loss Policy:  

Tiered approach to repair and restitution:
 Tier I – Minor wear and tear covered by annual Chromebook fee. No additional charge.
Tier II – Moderate claims (e.g. damaged keyboard, hinges, battery replacement or replacing vandalized parts at the discretion of the district). Cost = $75
Tier III – More expensive claims or extensive damage as deemed by the district (e.g. cracked screen replacement). Cost = $200
Tier IV  – Lost or stolen device or any device that becomes deemed unrepairable as determined by the district due to issues such as liquid damage, misuse or neglect. Cost will be for the full value of the device as deemed by the district. Full Value

Individual Insurance

Families are welcome to investigate options for obtaining their own private insurance through their homeowners’ insurance or an independent laptop insurance company. It is our understanding that you may contract with these agencies, based on their own policies and may do so even though the Natick Public Schools is registered as the owner of the Chromebook.

General Information & How To's

  • How to print:
    • Printing is supported by using Google Cloud Print. This will be provided in school.
    • If you want to set up Google Cloud Print at home: https://www.google.com/cloudprint/learn/
    • Chromebooks do not support local USB printing so you will need a wireless printer. Please keep in mind the school department is not able to support home printing.
  • How to take care of your Chromebook
  • How to back up your data:
    • Students are ultimately responsible for backing up their data.
    • Since we are now using Chromebooks, all student data is saved to Google Drive and not kept on the individual device. The only exception is offline content.
    • All Chromebooks will be collected by the last day of school each year and completely wiped to start next school year clean.
    • Student should verify all offline content is synced with their Google Account prior to collection time. 
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  • Other online resources for Natick parents

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