Team Pledge

Team Pledge:

  • I will treat my fellow cheerleaders and coaches with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • I will not wear jewelry, chew gum, or eat food at practice or during a game.
  • I will be on time for all practices and games fully preparedI understand a missed practice will disqualify me to cheer at the next scheduled game, or competition.
  • I am responsible to arrange transportation to and from practice and games.
  • I will travel on the bus to and from away games. I understand my parents must sign a letter directly to the Athletic Director 24hr in advance for a travel game if I did not intend to drive home on the bus.
  • I will honor the MSSAA Bona Fide Team Member rule. As stated in the MSSAA Cheerleading Rules & Regulations.

MSSAA Bona Fide Team Member Rule:

"A Bona Fide member of the school team is a student who is consistently present for, and actively participates in, all high school team practices and competitions. Bona Fide members of a school team are precluded from missing a high school practice or competition in order to participate in a non-school activity/event in cheerleading. Any student who violates this standard becomes ineligible for the tournament(s) in cheerleading for that season."

No exceptions or waivers will be considered.

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