Social Justice

Our Commitment to Social Justice

Strategic Plan Goal Two: Social-Emotional Learning & Healthy Living

Develop a systemic, developmentally appropriate social-emotional learning (SEL) and healthy living framework for student learning and parent engagement and partnership. Profile of a Graduate focus: self-direction and resilience.

Desired State

Our students will develop a sense of belonging through participation in activities during the school day where they can engage with peers with similar interests, be supervised and guided by adults, where they can develop social skills in a structured and nurturing environment as well as their wellness routines for ensuring mental, social, physical, and emotional health.

Strategic Plan Goal Three: Equitable Access

Eliminate systemic barriers that limit student, family, and staff equitable access to opportunity and cherish each student and staff member to such a degree that they thrive in their personal development.

It all comes down to a sense of belonging...

Equitable Access

We ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate in an academic curriculum that takes full account of the richness and variety of the world’s racial, ethnic, cultural and religious groups and develop an understanding of some of the main causes of global inequity, disadvantage, and poverty;

We enable every student to recognize and challenge racism, racial discrimination and stereotyping;

We enable every student to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes necessary for life in America’s multi-ethnic society; and

We enable every student to become culturally aware global citizens in an increasingly interdependent world.

Systemic Barriers

We work to dismantle system barriers that limit equitable student access to resources and opportunities they need to thrive in Natick Public Schools;

We examine and asses how students’ identity (especially around race and culture) may be impacting their access to resources and opportunities; and

We initiate changes to break down systemic barriers that stand in the way of all students fulfilling their greatest potential.

Desired State

The district will move from tolerance and inclusion to equitable access and belonging.

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