GOAL 2: Dismantle Systemic Barriers for Equitable Access to Opportunity

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GOAL AREA 2: Dismantle Systemic Barriers for Equitable Access to Opportunity

Combat systemic barriers that limit student, family and staff equitable access to opportunity and cherish them to such a degree that they thrive.


Continuing the journey from empathy to inclusion to equitable access to belonging for all...

  • Identify bias and its impact on rigor and opportunity at student level
    • Coaches/Athletics training. Classroom data analysis and trend development akin to that done at district and school level (Schoolzilla design, train, utilize)
    • Course, grade and exam practices
    • Student cogens to develop understanding of BIPOC, LGBTQ and DESE goal plan to address equity with significantly disabled students.
  • Hiring Diversification
    • Continued and expanded focus and resources to diversify our workforce. Includes education of
      hiring managers and use of incentives for diverse candidates.
  • Policy and Procedures Update
    • Development of equitable access procedures enacted through policy in the area of cultural and holiday
      observances, and a student-requested microaggression policy.
  • Personal Teacher Reflection, Education, & Curriculum Revision
    • Professional development in dyslexia and other disabilities, gender identity, language and culture of students and on racial bias. Education on the untold history of disabled, BIPOC and LGBTQ experiences and histories must be taught so teachers and students can create a belonging culture via curriculum and classroom resources.
  • Move from Tolerance and Inclusion to Equitable Access and Belonging
    • Resurrect NPS Diversity committee for advisory & continued development of district actions.
    • Develop & pilot a belonging scoreboard –district metrics for determining success & depth in
    • Create middle school Belonging Ambassador program and leadership designation to include
      disability education, LGBTQ education, anti-racism education/multiculturalism education.
    • Implement the seal of Biteracy Program at NHS; Resurrect International Program Partnerships


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